Let’s Talk About Intersex

Filmmaker Arisleyda Dilone presents on the varied cultural approaches to intersexuality in the United States versus the Dominican Republic, based on her research interviews with with endocrinologists, sociologists and anthropologists in both countries. Dilone addresses intersex issues through her personal journeys dealing with her body, her life and her family. The lecture will be preceded […]

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Radical Reproduction

Dr. Tricia Robertson Bogle has lectured, researched, and taught advanced seminars on reproductive biotechnology and bioethics for over 10 years. In this program, she presents a talk from her seminar, Radical Reproduction, about how new developments in assisted reproduction are changing the definition of familes across the US, and their attendant implications – both in […]

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Queer Ecologies

Dr. Eben Kirksey, Visiting Professor in Environment and the Humanities at Princeton University, presents a talk on queer multi-species families from his forthcoming book, Emergent Ecologies. In an era of global warming, contemporary writing on the environment largely focuses on doomsday scenarios. Kirksey suggests we reject such apocalyptic thinking and instead find possibilities in the […]

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